Sphurana Yoga®

The term ‘Sphurana Yoga’ means the yoga of small vibrations (back-and-forth movements going through the body). It is a therapeutic yoga form. Sphurana Yoga is done both in individual hours and in groups. It may be used to find a solution when you have problems in life (psychological, personal, simple everyday problems with partner, children or disease), or when you discover unhealthy patterns. When there is a deeper issue behind the problem, a holding pattern, it helps you to inquire into this: ‘Why does this happen now, what does it tell me?’

Our bodies are always in movement and in vibration, but when we keep ourselves busy and when we are not connected, we can’t feel it. In Sphurana Yoga you go into yoga positions without cutting off the connection to the inner vibration. It is not like “usual” yoga, where the focus is on being solid in a position. Here, the focus is not on holding a position, but on letting through the inner vibration that brings you back to a healthy balance. 

As in conventional yoga, Sphurana Yoga uses asanas (body positions). You can suggest an asana to the client in order to support the process, or choose a position typical for this process. Shiva said: ”There are as many asanas as people.” The asana supports the process to get in balance and become grounded. There is no pressure to do it right.

 Inga Mayer, who is a Sphurana yogist, describes her way of working with individual clients:

I start with listening to what the client wants to explore in the session, and the client can get into the emotions and their expression. Then I support the work through an asana to get centered and grounded. It works with polarities, so when the process is too heavy, you choose a ‘skying’ asana. When it is too rigid, you use an asana to create chaos. The bodily inquiry is: ‘What do I need to let go of, to get in balance?’ ‘What do I need to learn, to stand on my own feet, or to find a solution to that problem on my shoulders?’ You can get in contact with yourself and develop that. This leads to a new balance and to a greater degree of consciousness for the client.