Dancing in the traditional sense is often performed movement. Dansergia® (from the words dance and energy) by contrast invites us to move consciously from within and to express only what wants to be expressed. Dansergia® gives space to explore our personal issues and feelings, and emphasizes at the same time body contact, grounding, centering, balance, boundaries and energetic being.
By becoming more involved in the expression, Dansergia® increases the energy capacity and integrates different energy levels: feelings, awareness, memories and movements. Instead of analyzing every fragment of our lives, we inquire into a more essential state of self, which provides energy and knowledge for our next steps.

The willingness to surrender to this natural energy flow gives us the possibility to learn from the movements, and to become conscious at every moment. By allowing these movements and emotions to pass through us, we move beyond the problems without denying them. The honest expression of the present becomes a self-discovery of healthy resonance, through which we become aware of our old habits and patterns and move beyond these into psychophysical change as well as spiritual evolution.