Energy Pedagogy®

In Energy Pedagogy®, learning processes are understood as energy processes. This leads to activation and evolution of the individual’s learning potential, in that learning blockages are accepted as blockages of energy; these then may be dissolved by certain procedures. In this way the renewed flow of energy supports the learning process and is able to influence every cell of the body. This begins with cognitive learning and leads up to an evolutionary learning process. Thus, the individual is guided to a greater degree of wholeness, and it is possible for these learning processes to affect the individual on several levels.

Blockages in energy flow lead to disorders on every level: physical, psychological, mental, spiritual - which are expressed in ways of thinking and feeling. By specific work on individual patterns of learning, learning blockages, and the energy flow of learning successes, learners are able to better recognize their potential and limits as well as their learning blockages, to comprehend their significance and to take steps for change. The main point is, to permit experiences which help the learner to experience more self-confidence, individual freedom and independence in thinking, feeling and acting.

The support of virtual learning (a continuous form of learning from one instant to another) is typical for the kind of learning situation in which Energy Pedagogy® is in focus. It signifies that what is learned thus far will not serve to slow down the learning process ("oriented toward the learned"), but its correctness will be continuously questioned and experienced anew ("oriented to learn").

The organization of such complex learning situations is equally dependent on both learners and teachers. Their flexibility, intuition and feeling for virtual learning situations enable them to learn with the body, soul and spirit. Connecting feelings and emotions with this process refreshes their ability to be prepared for new learning situations and the continuation of learning for the duration of life.