Aquasus is energy work in water. It can be therapeutic, or simply a pleasure that adds to one’s well-being. In energy processes in water, you can come in contact with joy, love and pleasure, as well as work with traumas, regression, deep personal experiences and other psycho-emotional holdings. Both the strong and soft qualities of water and its connection with spiritual aspects like life and death are important in this form. Water gives the possibility of spontaneous movement, powerful expression and relaxation. 

All humans are surrounded by water throughout the first nine months of their life. Our body consists of between 50 and 70 percent water, depending on age and gender. Therefore there is a huge recognizeability and resonance between you and the water. This creates therapeutic processes that are experienced very intensely in that medium.

The water element supports floating and gives some resistance to your movement. This changes the movement possibilities from what you experience usually. In water, you cannot move in the same way as in the air when walking on land; thus your body automatically moves in a different way. Waves both inside and outside of the body can reinforce this. This experience can be an advantage when working with unhealthy patterns, as it is conducive to dissolving them – in effect, the water may feel like this.

Aquasus can give you a feeling of loosing control. It helps you to come in contact with unresolved issues and thus express held-back feelings. Such issues might be connected to the fear of death, surrendering into softness, loving, and letting go of struggle. Aquasus can help you to discover new possibilities to be alive.

To participate in Aquasus it is not neccessary that you are able to swim. If you are afraid of water you may choose this fear as a theme to work with.

Other Life Energy Process forms, such as Dansergia®, Shinkido® and Sphurana Yoga®, may also be used in combination with Acquasus®.