Life Energy Process

Life Energy Process® is a method for personal development and psychotherapy. It may be used by professionals who work with change processes with both individuals and groups, including therapists, consultants, teachers, doctors, physiotherapists, artists, etc. Life Energy Process uses a combination of body work and verbal inquiry to support natural processes of change and development.

Life Energy Process focuses on solving problems and conflicts on all levels. Feelings or emotions are often held back and not expressed. This causes stress and blocks the energy flow, which may result in personal and organizational problems and physical symptoms of discomfort or disease. Life Energy Process uses the body as a teacher: it supports you to sense what is held back and what needs to be expressed.

Life Energy Process focuses on the connection between physical and psychological issues. Individuals and organizations are seen as whole dynamic systems in which any change in one part influences the whole.

Various needs may be met by different Life Energy Process forms. The common basis for all forms is working with body and energy processes, understanding each process in life as a movement. The aim is to support healthy change processes in individuals or organizations.

The forms are Acquasus®, Artra®, Dansergia®, Energy Pedagogy®, Life Energy Therapy, Musicia®, Organetics®, Process Inquiry®, Shinkido®, Sphurana Yoga®, Teatro Energetico® and vocia®.